You have already created a ClickBank account, now you are ready to get your affiliate links and start promoting them (If you do NOT have a ClickBank account click here for step-by-step instructions on how to set one up).

Follow my step-by-step instructions below to see how you can get your affiliate links for the ClickBank Marketplace.

1. Go To Your ClickBank Dashboard/Home Page

The Dashboard is the ‘home page’ of ClickBank, although you should be able to access the Marketplace from any page on ClickBank.

2. Click On Marketplace

When you are on the ClickBank Dashboard or any other page you should see a little row of menus on the top bar, click on Marketplace.

3. Find A Product You Want To Promote

A couple quick tips for finding a good product to promote are “gravity” above 5 (the more people promoting the higher the gravity) another good thing to do when looking for products to promote is looking for products recently added to the marketplace, they are generally the most current offers.

Once you find the product you want to promote click the little red “promote” button.

4. Enter Your TID

Your account nickname/ClickBank ID should already be entered in the top box, but if not make sure to enter it to receive your commission.

The second box “Tracking ID (Optional)” is optional but I HIGHLY recommend using it. Enter a unique ‘TID’ to track where your sales are coming from, an example would be: “1_11_11_FB_ad3_surveys6” which means January 1st 2011, Facebook ad #3, selling ‘surveys6’ enter whatever information you would find useful. Doing this is helpful to know which areas you should focus on promoting and tracking the success of campaigns. (Keep in mind that TIDs are limited to 100 characters and no spaces or special characters, use an underscore (“_”) instead of spaces.)

Click “CREATE” to have your custom masked affiliate link created.

5. Copy Your Link And Start Promoting

Copy the entire custom link and start promoting it to make affiliate sales. The second box contains the HTML code for your affiliate link, no need to use this.

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