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Do you know all of the different tools and programs online businesses traditionally have had to use? All of the time and money they have had to spend on creating and getting their products out there? Well… off the top of my head here are 7+ common things a business needs.

  1. Businesses usually have to pay hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands for website developers to build a functional site, depending on size and quality.
  2. They need to have an email autoresponder service to keep in contact with their customers, which is not cheap.
  3. For every product that they want to sell they need a sales “funnel” which could take months to create.
  4. If they want others to make money for them they will have to setup an affiliate program.
  5. Don’t forget the actual “checkout” that alone can be a nightmare to integrate the payment processing services with your website.
  6. Often businesses want to know what is making them money and what isn’t, so a tracking service is needed.
  7. An easy way to increase your sales conversions is by split testing, but it isn’t typically easy to setup a split test by any means.
  8. Plus numerous more dreaded tasks and expenses… (See a more comprehensive list of what ClickFunnels does compared to competitors below.)

But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore! A super smart guy named Russell Brunson, whose company used to work how many others still do: with dozens of paid services and taking months to develop and launch new products, decided that there must be a more efficient way to do things. There wasn’t at the time, so Russell began to build it himself with a team doing the technical work behind it all.

Soon ClickFunnels was born. A one size fits all internet marketing solution. It can do everything you would typically have to pay many services to run and even more since all of the services are integrated into one. You would think that for offering such immense value compared to their competitors that they would charge a ridiculous fee, but they don’t. Often the whole suite is cheaper than a traditional email autoresponder service alone. Even better, I managed to score you a FREE TRIAL with this special link:

With ClickFunnels you can easily build high converting funnels in minutes, connect checkouts automatically, pay affiliates, track stats, run split tests, send autoresponder emails, send automatic SMS messages, and many many more things. (See a more comprehensive list of what ClickFunnels does compared to competitors below.)

But you want to know the best thing of all? I got you a ClickFunnels FREE TRIAL!!! Check it out to see if it is everything you need — and so much more. It has certainly made my business so much easier (and cheaper) to operate.

Click here to check out ClickFunnels and see if you will love it as much as I do.

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