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Here is me reading my copy of Expert Secrets in a hammock on vacation to Hawaii! The knowledge I learned from it might end-up paying for the trip!

Two of the greatest internet marketing books I have ever read are written by a great guy, his name is Russell Brunson!

Those two books DotCom Secrets & Expert Secrets uncover some of the most valuable and unknown secrets in the vast internet marketing world. They have truly changed my perception on a variety of things and have even increased my income significantly!

These books can totally change your life, and I really love changing people’s lives. One of the greatest ways that I can help you is by offering these two amazing books for FREE!!!

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This guy Russell and his team also created one of the all-time GREATEST internet marketing tools, ClickFunnels! It is a software tool that replaces almost every other service that most marketers have to pay for. It can save you LOADS of money and drastically increase your conversions and sales with masterful yet easy to make drag and drop funnels/websites! It has been so easy to implement and made huge changes in my businesses.

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