Resource – Hosting Websites

Do you want/need to have your own website?

Then most likely you will have to have a ‘host’ server to keep your website on.

Hosting websites rent out storage on their servers for other people to store data on. Often if you have a website you will need to use a hosting company to host your website. You can also make money by having other people signup for hosting accounts through your affiliate link!

To increase your chances of success online consider creating a professional looking website for your business and having it hosted on one of these sites. You could also hire a freelancer to design one for you.

One of the best hosting companies and they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

WPEngine is specifically for hosting WordPress sites so if you have a WordPress site they are great, but if your website is on another platform you might want to look elsewhere.

Hostgator is a serious, reliable host and if you are worried about cost Hostgator has lots of different promotions all the time.

With open source built in and over 2 million sites hosted Bluehost has you covered.

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