Do you ever see actors, entrepreneurs, musicians, athletes, or artists who you would love to have the abilities of? I often feel that way, and I know virtually everyone sometimes wishes for those refinements.

It can be disheartening to think it is not possible to just become someone else, or even possess their abilities without numerous years of practice.

But what if you were able to “install” the genius of someone you look up to, just like installing a computer program? Are you ready for a MAJOR SURPRISE?!

Back in the 1960’s and 1970’s, Russian neuropsychologist Dr. Vladimir Raikov and Czech psychologist Dr. Milan Ryzl collaborated on a breakthrough experiment of the human mind and how it learns. They were able to “hack” the brain with hypnosis to make subjects believe they possessed someone else’s master abilities.

Raikov and Ryzl even discovered that after a subject had come out of hypnotic trance they still possessed the same skills they “installed”.

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An example would be, one woman who was told under hypnosis from Raikov that she was a phenomenal violinist, when the hypnosis was complete and she no longer believed that she was an experience violinist her skill still remained. Similar results happened with people who were told they could sing, paint, or speak like experts.

Since these original experiments by Raikov, scientist have found methods to spark this process of “artificial reincarnation” without hypnosis. Which is great news! Now you don’t have to even go into a trance state to have the genius of someone you admire “installed” or even study anything complex.

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This mental technique is being successfully used for business, creativity, relationships, speaking, and confidence as well as additional areas. Often taking just minutes, you have nothing to lose trying the Raikov Effect. At worst you use a couple minutes that you would have wasted watching cat videos anyways.

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