If you run almost any type of online business you want to track your ROI on specific campaigns, ads, blog posts, social media videos, etc. This helps you know where to better focus your time, energy, and money for the best returns.
One of the easiest and most common ways to do this is by tracking your link clicks. To do this you need to use a service or program that can count clicks to specific links, some trackers can even track conversions between multiple clicks. The one I use is ClickMagick, which allows me to track clicks, cloak links, conversions, and inject links.
I’m going to show you how to setup a ClickMagick account and start tracking your first link’s clicks.


1. Start by going to the ClickMagick website w/FREE TRIAL

I’m sure most of you would love to use this link to a 14 day FREE trial! (ClickMagick FREE Trial)

2. Click on the yellow button to get your FREE trial

After that you will be asked to pick which of the “Plans” you want to signup for after your trial. The “Starter Plan” is good enough for most people unless they get over 10,000 clicks a month. Choose what makes the most sense for you, keep in mind you can change plans any time.

3. Enter your details and click “Create My Free Trial Account”

You need to enter your Name, Email, Username, and Password. Choose what time zone you are in if you want accurate click tracking timing reports.

4. Enter your Credit Card details

Remember you can cancel and get a FULL REFUND at any point during the trial. Try it and if you don’t like it it’s free, you have nothing to lose.

5. That’s it! Now start using ClickMagick

You will be welcomed with a quick introductory video! If you are wanting to learn how to fully utilize ClickMagick watch these phenomenal videos that ClickMagick has created, which details everything you could want to do. >> Here is the link to their ClickMagick Guide <<


If for some reason you haven’t started a FREE TRIAL watch this:

Watch the videos here to see all of the amazing stuff you can do with ClickMagick!


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